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James Alan "Jimmy" "Two Sheds" "Jimmer" "Bam Binton" "Jaime Anchocurvo" "Jamble Wanglebork" " Broadbent" "SHED BOI" "Shed Sheeran" Broadbent, born on February 31st, 1991 (but really June 13th, 1991), is the artificial entity behind the Jimmy Broadbent YouTube channel. He was born in Puntland, Somalia (as confirmed on Dutch national television) and lived in The Shed of doom. He moved to a house on earth, somewhere in the uk probably. His father used to be Brands Hatch before he became a smaller club circuit. The last words he heard from his parents before being abandoned in a basket were "So long, boi". Jimmy is beautiful and likes Selena Gomez. He also cannot design cars even after 69,420 attempts.

Jimmer is taking part in the 2021 BritCar championship in the Praga R1 (we still don't know why Praga gave our shed boi a car that can lap the Nordschleife in 6 minutes), and he is expected to shout "Plz no punterino" a minimum of 7 times.

He is also Known To do "How Fast can I fap The Nordschleife" This helped his channel grow massively, and This also led to him having many episodes of him doing this. He has Mentioned stopping the series,but we can still expect Load more Nords Content from him.


Jimmy used to be a runner for his school.

According to Verónica, the first time he went to Spain, he drank all the whisky existent in that country.


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Nurburgring Challenge[]

Jimmy is well known to drive various cars around the Nurburgring, a very tricky place to drive around. His Nordschleife Challenge is a series of videos where he laps certain cars in various games. A list of his laptimes can be found here.


  • Shed Sheeran
  • Solid Shacke
  • Two Sheds
  • Sheddie Irvine
  • Jody Shackter
  • Shack Villeneuve
  • Rubens Barnichello
  • James Hut
  • Schacky Ickx
  • Sebastian Sheddel
  • Jamble Wanglebork
  • Mika Shackinnen
  • Michael Shedmaker
  • Shed dweller
  • Checo Perezidence
  • Nigel Mansion


  • His feet are the sexiest object in the entire Universe.
  • He started a second channel Jim Plays.
  • He mains Stephen J. Bailey on Smash.
  • He chose a Car over a GODAMN HOUSE...until 2021 where he actually bought a house with all that DaveStation money.
  • He learned Spanish on Midweek Motorsport. That justifies his knowledge of the Spanish language being resumed to the quote "donde está churros?".
  • His favourite foods are churros, which he rarely eats, and arse, which he eats when he drives fast.
  • He once overtook Max Verstappen by forcing him into a spin via intimidation tactics.
  • He also overtook Frank Biela with his blistering pace and consistency.
  • He has an F1 Driver alter-ego called Jamble Wanglebork.
  • He is a massive gay icon due to his reputation as a very attractive man to the homesexual male community.
  • His favourite racetrack is Zolder.
  • Wings are illegal in the shed, as of the 2nd VirtualGP
  • The satirical bio written out for this wiki was inadvertently and erroneously used as factual information for TheRace's "All Star Esports Battle", causing Dutch commentator Jack Plooij to mention Jimmy actually being from Somalia on live Dutch TV. He's actually born and raised in England.
    • Additionally, the erroneous info was mentioned in passing during the F1's Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix (a replacement Grand Prix done in F1 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic) by the Dutch Commentator Rob Van Gameren, whom was aware of the joke.
  • Named (Unofficial) Driver of the Day for the F1 Virtual Grand Prix for going from P17 to P9 in a field of active F1 Drivers/Personalities, Content Creator, and a Cricket Player.
  • He once punted Formula One legend Emerson Fittipaldi off track. Much to Jimmy's shock, Fittipaldi personally called him to apologize afterwards.
  • When Jimmer crashed at Brands Hatch the first thing he said was. "No, only Jamble can go through there flat out.
  • Whatever happens in his shed, stays in his shed.
  • Jimmer has described his favourite font as Wingdings 3.
  • Jimmy has featured on the popular talk show DaveStation multiple times. He mainly discussed current issues with timber prices and concrete production.